Catamold® - The revolution in powder injection molding

Catamold® are ready-to-use pellets for powder injection molding. It consists of metal or ceramic powder and a tailor-made binding agent. With Catamold®, geometrically sophisticated devices can be produced economically on conventional machines.

Powder injection molding - with Catamold® imagination is the only limit

Thanks to Catamold®, high-melting materials such as metal or ceramic can be injection molded like plastics. Hence, Catamold® brakes new grounds in manufacturing of near-net-shaped and geometrically sophisticated devices. Imagination takes an infinite number of shapes – your creative desires are (nearly) unlimited.

High quantity and a variety of choices

Mass production of devices with Catamold® is possible without difficulties. Furthermore, BASF offers a broad range of raw materials for powder injection molding.

Rely on Catamold® for your success. We are happy to support you!