Ultrapure Electronic Chemicals and Gases

BASF has been a global partner in supplying an exceptional range of standard grade electronic chemicals and gases for customers in downstream industries for over 25 years. Customers are assured of receiving products that meet industry's highest quality standards. These chemicals are mainly applied for the production of integrated circuits (IC), flat panel displays (FPD), lithium ion batteries (LIB), light emitting diodes (LED), fiber optics and many other areas of the electronic industry.


Integrated Production Sites

Our backward-integrated production sites assure a consistent high quality of our products, allowing our customers to enjoy a stable and reliable supply of products.

Precise Analysis

We use a systematic approach to analyze our products. The analyses of all relevant parameters are performed in our state-of-the-art laboratories, enabling us to maintain critical parameters within their specification limits.
Meanwhile, our clean room lab is staffed with world-class experts for the preparation, handling and analyzing of samples in a completly contamination-free environment.

Extensive Chemical Know-How

Our unrivalled technical experience and global R&D resources are at our customers' service to help develop new chemicals and gases for the next-generation of applications.

We leverage BASF’s chemical activities to bring lasting benefits to our customers. Whether simply product samples, or searching for complex solutions, BASF is the right partner to ask.

Customer Service

Tailor-made solutions and development of products are always supported by our regional development teams who work hand-in-hand with customers to help them to be more successful.

Global Logistics Know-how

We use the most advanced filling and packaging technologies in conjunction with our global logistics know-how to deliver products to you on time, every time.