SELECTIPUR® Series - Our Highly Reliable Etching Products

The efficient wet etching process relies heavily on chemicals with precise recipe control. With SELECTIPUR®, we provide customized solutions that are used for a whole host of different applications in IC manufacturing, including bumping and 3D TSV application.


Non-metal etch:

  • - SiO2/BOE/BHF Etch Series
  • - SiO2 thin film removal before metallization by NH4F based recipes e.g., Q-Etch and Fence Etch
  • - Silicon & Poly Silicon Etch Series
  • - Si3N4 Etch Series
  • - TiN Etch Series
  • - Spin Etch Series- specific recipes for wafer thinning and roughening, stress relief, damage removal, poly-silicon etching

Metal etch:

  • - Al Etch Series
  • - Cu Etch Series
  • - Ni Etch Series
  • - Ti Etch Series
  • - Stack Etch Series: etching of metal layer stacks

BASF’s product portfolio for etching applications also comprises a set of single chemicals: H2SO4, H3PO4, HNO3, HCl, NH4F and HF. All product lines are available in different purity levels.