Rolic Technologies Ltd.

Rolic is an innovative Swiss nanotechnology company based in Allschwil near Basel. 


Having it's roots in the Roche Liquide Crystal Laboratories, where the first LCD-cell was invented, Rolic is utilizing it's vast experience for future products in the display industry.

We are the pioneer in Photo Alignment of Liquid Crystals in LCDs and offer a wide portfolio of ready to use materials.

Rolic's materials are used in applications such as optical film coating, AR/VR devices, sensors and potentially anywhere, where Liquid crystals are in used or light-management through polarization is desired. 

Since 2017 Rolic is a subsidiary of BASF and manages since then the whole portfolio of BASF's Display products.

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Worlds's first LCD demonstrator, 1971 

1970. First application of liquid crystal on a display at Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.

1991. Principles of Light Controled Molecular Orientation (LMCO) invented - Pioneer in photo aligment

1994. Foundation of Rolic as a spin-off of Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.

2004. First commercial passive 3D displays with LCMO -Technology - Patterned Retarder

2009. Rolic LCMO -Technology applied in Sharp's LCD mass production

2011. Rolic LCMO -Technology applied in 3D-TV mass productio (FPR)

2015. Foreward integration to mass production of ready-to-use formulations

2017. Rolic becomes a part of BASF group