Display Additives

BASF is the pioneer of high sensitive oxime ester photo-initiators providing the market leading portfolio for display photoresists. IRGACURE® OXE have been developed for black and color filter photoresists to enhance the brightness and resolution of LCD and OLED displays

The IRGACURE® PAG range are novel photoacid generators developed for use in ionic or non-ionic acid catalyzed UV systems and in positive or negative tone chemically amplified photoresists. They are activated by exposure under UV lamps, including g-, h- and i-line (Hg) lamps, deep UV (KrF) excimer and other UV-laser sources. Applications are found in the manufacture of protective coatings and UV-adhesives for displays and semiconductor devices.

Photo acid generator


Polymerizable liquid crystals PALIOCOLOR® LC are nematic liquid crystals or chiral dopants, which are used to make cholorestic liquid crystals for the formulations on optical films.


Dichroid dyes Irgaphor® Black X-series

Dichroic dyes IRGAPHOR® Black X-series have strong anisotropic effects, when molecules like liquid crystals are aligned in the same direction. IRGAPHOR® Black X dyes are ready-to-use dye mixtures for optical film applications as coatable polarizers and switchable PDLCs.


Switchable systems


Colored smart glas

Tinuvin® Light Stabilizers (UV-Absorbers)

Tinuvin® series are used in key parts of Displays for UV durability:

By using the UV-absorbers TINUVIN® the key parts in a display will be adequately protected against the damages from the UV light. TINUVIN® additives can be for example incorporated into optical films (polarizers) and adhesives for displays in order to prevent yellowing or degradation after long time UV exposure.