Display Mixtures

Copper Technology: The Future Wave 

The move from aluminum to copper processes creates new challenges for materials and chemicals. BASF was one of the first to develop chemical solutions for this generational change and is an acknowledged leader in copper technology. We can help our customers meet the enhanced requirements of copper applications and migrate to this exciting new technology. We have worked with some of the leading panel makers in the world to be the first supplier in Taiwan to provide innovative copper solutions for this emerging technology.

Process Chemicals

BASF provide basic TFT process chemical with different product.



  • Superior critical dimension (CD) loss control
  • Outstanding tape angle perform
  • Optimal different barrier film stack etching selectivity
  • Customization
  • Long and extended lifetime

FOTOPUR® Cu Strippers


  • Excellent photoresist removal ability
  • First-rate removal ability for surface copper oxide
  • Extended lifetime
  • Recyclable