Colour Conversion Materials

Blue LED are energy efficient and relatively cheap in production.

However Blue LED light is harmful to human eyes and the light appears “cold”. BASF light conversion materials, which are organic dyes, convert the narrow blue emitting light spectrum to the desired broad band spectrum, which is the full RGB range (=white light).

Organic phosphor solutions provide optimized light efficacy and efficiency by converting source to desired wavelength.

BASF Sunvue®️ - Organic Phosphor Light solutions.

Using the remote phosphor method, BASF Sunvue®️ can facilely adjust the wavelength of light source LED to make a desired broad band spectrum which is suitable for general lighting and yellow light tube. 



BASF QDYESTM - Organic Phosphor Color Conversion Film solutions.

The QDYESTM contained film converts part of the blue light to achieve pure white light with wide-gamut RGB.

QDYESTM can fully fulfill RoHS compliance, since they do not contain any restricted heavy metal (eg. Cd & Pb).