Competencies that Count

In the electronic materials world, quality products and solutions are crucial to success.
At BASF, we do more than just continually optimize the performance of our products and chemical solutions. We provide our customers with an array of added-values that help them to become more successful. By working with us, customers can enjoy hassle-free chemistry as well as complete chemistry-related services that allows them to focus on their business.

Technical Support
We have a long and proud history of providing the utmost in assistance to our customers for any technical matters connected to the use of our products and regarding chemical analytical issues. 

Just-in-time Delivery
By making use of our global logostics and network system of production and warehousing, our customers can rest assured with our emergency production and delivery services, no matter where they are located. 


Global Reach, Local Touch

We have committed ourselves to be a global partner. That is why we have built a worldwide network of offices, production facilities, QC laboratories and service centers.

Production Precision

The process chain of high-purity chemicals begins with the selection of the proper raw materials. At BASF, we obtain raw materials either by our own backward integrated production or by choosing state-of-the-art and reliable manufacturers as partners. We work closely with these partners so that they can draw on our decades of experience and are able to meet our quality criteria, appreciate the special needs of our customers and are willing to monitor, adapt and optimize processes in their production.


Analytical Expertise and Quality Management

Our quality control and quality management team is at the forefront of ensuring BASF's customers receive reliable chemical solutions that will help them to be more successful.